What is the Wisdom House

In 2016, communities in the U.S. learned about five teachers caring for over 100 children in an underground space and committed to sustain this school for years to come.

The Wisdom House Kindergarten provides education to 3-6 year olds in northwest Syria. The resilient children and teachers have been displaced multiple times due to bombardment by the Syrian regime and now located in the northern Aleppo countryside.

Sponsor a Kindergarten student for $25/ month and make a difference for a child in Syria.
*The cost of educating one child is approximately $300 per year. There are around 500 children in the village, and we currently have the capacity to educate 120 students.

Wisdom House Campaigns

Hear from a Teacher

“When I teach the kids I always try to have activities, things that will keep them focused on their studies. I try to make their homework and their courses like a game so they are completely absorbed by what we are working on and can be distracted from the war. For example, whenever we are studying a specific letter from the alphabet I will write the letter with a specific color and color the letter on a balloon. Then one of the students will go up and pop the balloon and the letter falls out of it. I do what I can to try to give them normal days that take them away from the war that we live in.”

Moumena, Principal and Teacher, Wisdom House

What we provide

Ensure facilities expenses for school

Support quality teachers and staff

Ensure transportation costs (Bus and trips)

Provide A Safe environment

Moumena recorded an opening statement at the Wisdom House expressing the suffering of the Syrian people and asking for the caring people of the world to help. Her video played in the House of Representatives session in early 2020.

Our Approach

Wisdom House is known in Syria for its quality education and dedicated teachers whose innovative lessons promote intellectual, social, and emotional growth. By the end of the school year, students are beginning to read and write, learn English, math, science, and most importantly, are happier and more social. The Wisdom House is more than just a school, since its beginning, the teachers and students have connected to people and communities around the world. This people-to-people connection between teachers and students has cultivated friendships that have no boundaries. The teachers let us know that our emotional support is more important than anything.

Wisdom House Graduation 2022

Introductory video of the Wisdom House released soon before being displaced from their original homes in Idlib in northwest Syria.

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