Tomorrow’s Dawn Women’s Center

Tomorrow’s Dawn women’s center is a vocational school in northern Idlib Province that offers vocational courses for widows of war and educational courses to secondary students who have missed years of school. Tomorrow’s Dawn supports around 200 students each year. 

What we provide

Meet Fatima

Fatima Al-Zahra, a student in the crafts course at Tomorrow’s Dawn, gained friendships and confidence through learning and proved to herself that despite her injuries from war, she could still create beautiful things.

SETF supports our leaders in Syria who run the center to empower women to learn a skill and to sustain their families, while also filling in education gaps in the community through creditable courses and workshops.

Rasha is the heart and soul of Tomorrow’s Dawn, leading this initiative for her community since 2017.

Currently there are

female students in the third scientific secondary section
female students in the second scientific secondary section
female students in the third literature secondary section

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