The humanitarian situation worsens every day for civilians in Syria as the Regime continues to displace, detain, and attack civilians. SETF’s main humanitarian programs provide support for the most vulnerable, including orphans, widows, children, and IDPs. These critical programs ease some of the massive and widespread suffering Syrians endure. They provide hope and build bridges between Syrians on the ground and the world.


While we are not solely a humanitarian organization, SETF’s humanitarian programs have rapidly expanded over the years inside Syria and Turkey as a natural result of our constant presence on the ground. SETF has five programs operating regularly that reflect the much larger humanitarian crisis, and we respond to immediate crises such as the earthquake in February 2023 and reaching residents in the forgotten Rukban camp.

SETF Humanitarian Programs

Wisdom House

A Kindergarten for displaced children in the Aleppo countryside where five amazing teachers provide education and a nurturing environment to 138 students.

Rukban Hope Pharmacy

The only no-cost pharmacy serves as the camp’s only regular source of essential medicine, baby milk, first-aid, and life-saving supplies.

Tomorrow's Dawn​

A secondary school for women and girls in Idlib, Syria that provides no-cost education courses and workshops to gain professional skills and become financially independent.

Key Witness Fund​

A safety net for key witnesses to war crimes in Syria and their families who, at great risk to themselves, testify against the Assad Regime and/or its allies in criminal and civil cases.

House of Healing Center

A home away from home for internally-displaced Syrians with critical medical conditions, most due to war, allowed to enter Turkey temporarily for treatment.

SETF Humanitarian Initiatives

Letters of Hope

We collect handwritten letters from people all over the world and deliver them to displaced Syrian children to provide emotional support to those who have been affected by the conflict.

Rukban: Operation Syrian Oasis

SETF broke the agonizing siege on Rukban utilizing the US Denton Program delivering life-saving aid and opening a humanitarian corridor to sustain the camps’ needs.

Earthquake Response

After the earthquake in February 2023, SETF responded by bringing in the first international journalists into northwest Syria and delivering over $100,000 in humanitarian assistance.

Be a part

SETF regularly engages with schools and groups in person and virtually, providing education and connecting Syrian voices to those outside of Syria who have a desire to help – whether that’s sending a caring letter, organizing an event, or being an active volunteer. SETF has the resources to help you get involved.

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