About SETF

SETF Establishment

The Syrian Emergency Task Force was formed in March of 2011 to respond to the Syrian dictatorship and its allies waging war on innocent civilians. As a 501(c)(3) headquartered in Washington, D.C., SETF works tirelessly to bring an end to the killing in Syria through advocacy, humanitarian initiatives, and the pursuit of justice and accountability for war crimes. 

Today, SETF stands as the most notable American organization working on Syria, as evidenced by the impact we have made both on the ground in Syria and the U.S.

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Who we are

Our team is made up of passionate activists from around the world who work together towards a free, safe, and democratic Syria. We serve as a resource for education by bringing the voices of the Syrian people to the international stage. From testimonies at the UN Security Council to local grassroots community fundraisers, our team brings together like-minded people who are determined to fight for a safe, and free Syria away from the vicious dictatorship of Assad and Russia. 

Through our network of team members and beneficiaries on the ground in Syria, our team reports directly from the ground. The group frequently travels to the Turkish/Syria border to visit ourand send bags of Letters of Hope and donations from friends worldwide. Upon returning to Washington after one of these trips, the team is fueled to advocate for the welfare and future of the amazing Syrian people.

The team is a small group of passionate and youthful team members. Many of the staff are volunteers dedicated to the cause and contributing a part of their lives to the work of SETF and keeping the candle of hope alive for a free Syria. 

Where we work

  • Northwest Syria - Wisdom House and Tomorrow’s Dawn Women’s center
  • Rukban - Hope Pharmacy

Gaziantep, Turkey The House of Healing,
SETF’s  home for Internally Displaced Syrians who are
provided a place to stay while they recieve life-saving treatment.

  • Washington, D.C. - SETF’s headquarters.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas - SETF office

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