Partners and Friends

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

SETF has been a proud partner with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum where we work together on bringing awareness of the humanitarian situation in Syria.  The Holocaust Museum hosts an exhibit from the Caesar File showing the systematic torture of civilians by the Assad regime.  SETF is honored to organize public events alongside the museum to help advocate for justice and protection of civilians. 

Syria Exhibit “Please don’t forget us” at the USHMM.
Mouaz and VSRC hold Letters of Hope after an event for Syria in Massachusetts

Valley Syria Relief Committee

SETF first met this community organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2015 and began engaging their community through education and highlighting voices from Syria. Michael Kane, Debbie Shriver, and Micky McKinley have made a tremendous impact bringing humanitarian support for the Syrian people, as well as being active advisors to SETF.


M. Night Shyamalan Foundation

The foundation founders, M. Night and Dr. Bhavna Shyamalan, have recognized Mouaz Moustafa as one of their leaders. The foundation has been actively involved in SETF’s including making two trips to the Syrian/ Turkish border and visiting our humanitarian programs on the ground firsthand. The founders have also been voices alongside SETF in several Congressional appearances. M. Night gave his voice to the cause when he filmed this segment telling the story of the conflict in Syria in the most precise and honest way so that ordinary people of the world could understand the real story of Syria

Dr. Bhavna and M. Night Shyamalan attend a press conference with SETF after a hearing in Congress in March 2021.
SETF team visits the Bahar headquarters in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Bahar Organization

Bahar is a humanitarian organization operating in liberated areas of Syria’s northeast and northwest. Their vision is to restore and rebuild the lives of crisis-affected people through humanitarian and development assistance aiming to reach resilient communities. They work towards enhancing the resilience and wellbeing of communities by providing a principled and rights-based humanitarian response to overcome natural disasters and conflicts.

Clinton School of Public Service

SETF began its service-learning partnership with the Clinton School in 2017, hosting 2-4 students in given field placements, immersive experiences working at SETF to complete high-level work where students apply the knowledge and skills they are gaining at UACS to benefit SETF’s organizational goals and needs.

The Clinton School hosts a Caesar Exhibit in 2017 which included Syrian Revolutionary and survivor, Mazen Al-Hamada, and SETF Executive Director, Mouaz Moustafa, on the panel.
Olga Lautman, SUN coordinator, participates in the Caesar Exhibit panel at UALR.

Syria-Ukraine Network

The Syria-Ukraine Network (SUN) is a coalition of prominent organizations and individuals in Syria, Ukraine and their diasporas, working and organizing together in the following fields: 

The provision of medical aid under the circumstances of a Russian invasion;

Best practices and support for civil defense forces and first responders;

Countering disinformation and propaganda of the Russian government, while shining light in the media and to Western policymakers on the crimes being committed by Russian forces;

War crimes documentation, including best practices and advice, as well as facilitating contacts with Western Ministries of Justice, law firms, and legal experts and organizations;

Resistance of civilians against the military aggression of Russia;


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