Hope for Rukban Community Campaign

Emergency Humanitarian Response for Rukban Camp in Syria

Arkansas communities are responding to the dire humanitarian crisis in Rukban Camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) where around 8,000 men, women, and children have been under siege and have suffered in this desert camp for years inside war-torn Syria. Currently, the residents of Rukban are enduring a famine and nearly all routes for humanitarian aid and doctors are closed. Working with the non-profit, Syrian Emergency Task Force, we are able to send boxes of the most-needed items to Rukban. Join us in this campaign to provide support and items that can save lives.

Participate in the following ways

Give a Monetary Donation

Your gift will buy infant formula, the highest need in Rukban as babies are suffering from malnutrition.

$130 provides formula to an infant for one month

For the first time, children in Rukban Camp will be receiving Letters of Hope for Syria. Send your letter to: 

Letters of Hope 

PO Box 250972
Little Rock, AR 72225
Learn more about SETF’s work in Rukban.

For questions, contact our team at [email protected].