House of Healing

As the war in Syria enters its 11th year, the lack of access to medical facilities in the Northern regions has become a very concerning issue for the displaced population. Therefore, many Syrian IDPs with severe medical pathologies or injuries find themselves alone, facing a double sentence.

In very particular medical cases, some Syrian IDPs are granted permission to cross from Northern Syria to Turkey in order to receive or pursue specific treatments. SETF believes in the protection of those among the most vulnerable displaced Syrian people and decided to adopt a Rehabilitation Center located in Gaziantep, Turkey.

All patients who live in the Rehabilitation Center are facing serious and complicated medical issues (such as cancer, chronic severe diseases, genetic problems) or were severely injured from armed attacks that occurred in Northern Syria.

SETF team listens to patients tell their stories at the House of Healing.

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US Delegation Visits SETF House of Healing. August 2023

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The SETF team visits the House of Healing. Video credit: Bahar organization

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