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As the war in Syria enters its thirteenth year, millions of people in northwest Syria face a healthcare crisis due to the lack of medical services. Hundreds of hospitals in Syria have been targeted and destroyed since 2011. Medical facilities and doctors are depleted, leaving the population with no option for a host of critical medical conditions. International organizations are providing a fraction of the aid needed. Closed borders and restrictions have made it nearly impossible for Syrians with severe medical conditions to enter Turkey for treatment, and many people have died waiting to get these permissions.
Dr. Bhavna Shyamalan sits amongst patients and learns about a little girl with severe burns on her face at the House of Healing in Gaziantep, Turkey.
The House of Healing is a home away from home established in Gaziantep by SETF for internally-displaced Syrians living in northwest Syria with critical medical conditions, most due to war, who are allowed to enter Turkey temporarily for treatment before returning to Syria. Patients suffer from a range of ailments including burns, amputation, heart diseases, cancer, and blindness. The center provides shelter, food and transportation to appointments and surgeries. The staff supports patients by connecting them to local organizations to find solutions for covering the cost of treatments and procedures. The House of Healing serves over 1,000 Syrians each year. In addition, the House of Healing provides regular education classes for the children who have never had school or missed many years.

US Delegation Visits SETF House of Healing. August 2023

We host around 75 patients at a given time. The Turkish Ministry of Health regularly brings in new patients as patients who have finished their treatment return to Syria.

The SETF team visits the House of Healing. Video credit: Bahar organization

Magic Show Humanitarian magician, Jamie Jibberish, often visits the House of Healing to put on a show for the kids in the new classroom at the House of Healing. In 2023, we added an educational program providing regular lessons taught by Ms. Mona. Most of the children have had little or no opportunity to go to school.

Mouaz Moustafa and Ambassador Stephen Rapp listen to patients tell their stories at the House of Healing.

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