In Rukban

Rukban is an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp located in a desolate area of the southern Syrian border. The camp is close to the borders of both Jordan and Iraq and lies within the U.S. al-Tanf garrison’s 55-km deconfliction zone. Rukban, which once held 60,000 people, remains completely besieged by the Russian military and the Assad regime, who effectively prevent any humanitarian aid from entering the camp. This has resulted in dire humanitarian conditions that have dwindled the population down to less than 10,000 residents. These residents, 50% of which are children, live without access to medical care, education, or humanitarian aid.

In the summer of 2023 the Syrian Emergency Task Force made history, becoming the first humanitarian organization in four years to deliver aid directly to the residents of Rukban, effectively breaking the years-long siege on the camp.

Our Work in Rukban

Breaking the Siege: Operation Syrian Oasis

On June 20, 2023, the Syrian Emergency Task Force announced the first of several historic aid deliveries to Rukban camp as part of Operation Syrian Oasis, bringing an end to the eight-year-long siege imposed by the Assad regime, Russia and Iran. 

The initial delivery included seeds and irrigation tools, which will enable the residents to cultivate their own sustenance, as well as school supplies for the over 1,000 children in the camp who have been deprived of any education. Since the first delivery SETF has initiated a further six deliveries, providing baby formula, prenatal vitamins, school supplies and food items to the camp’s residents. SETF continues to reaffirm its commitment to providing much needed humanitarian aid to Rukban and is currently seeking partners and support in order to continue these critical deliveries of aid to the residents of Rukban. If you would like to be part of our historic initiative, donations can be made through the link above.


The Hope Pharmacy

For the past four years the Syrian Emergency Task Force has operated a no-cost pharmacy that serves as the camp’s only consistent source of essential medicine and life-saving supplies. The pharmacy is stocked with medicine, baby formula, and treatments for children in order to combat the high rate of child mortality in the camp. As the only organization operating in Rukban, the Hope Pharmacy has helped serve over 80% of the camp’s residents.

Voice of Rukban

Voice of Rukban reports on news directly from the Rukban IDP camp in Syria. This is the only way the besieged people of Rukban can report on conditions in the camp, communicate their stories with the world, and have their voices heard.

Follow the Voice of Rukban for updates.