Letters of Hope

Our Story

We started with the hope of bridging the gap created by the war between Syrian displaced people and the world. The hope has inspired many to let Syrians know they are not alone or forgotten.

This initiative took the name of “Letters of Hope for Syria,” a campaign that has become one of SETF’s prominent projects. Ever since, the project has received more than 2000 letters from over 13 countries and more than 17 US states.

Our quest continues with spreading hope for Syrians with your help by sending them letters full of peace, love, and hope.

We were first inspired to start the “Letters Of Hope For Syria” campaign in 2016 when Aleppo was on the verge of falling to the Regime after a long besiegement, these fliers were dropped to civilians so we wanted to send a counter message to the people suffering in Syria.

Sending Hope

Send your letter to:

PO Box 250972

Little Rock, AR 72225

SETF started the Letters of Hope Program in 2016 to let Syrians suffering from conflicts and displacements know that they are not forgotten. The aim of Letters of Hope is to create a connection between the international community and the Syrian children and families residing in northwest Syria so that they can exchange messages and letters of support and encouragement.

Or send a digital version of your letter by uploading a photo in the provided form.

Spreading Hope

The Letters of Hope campaign has been active in schools all around the country and even the world since 2016; many students are educating their peers about the Syrian crisis and how each of us has the ability to contribute, even with just a simple letter of support.