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Wisdom House Mid-year Celebration

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The children celebrated their mid-year accomplishments by receiving certificates of achievement.


98 students are currently attending the Wisdom House Kindergarten. There are five separate classes, each with their own theme:

  • Butterfly

  • Flower

  • Bees

  • Small Flower

  • Stars

Two of the classes (Stars and Small Flowers) are for children 4 years of age, where they learn the alphabet and how to count to 20.

The other three classes (Butterfly, Flower, and Bees) are for five year old children. They learn their alphabet, but also how to write simple words that consist of four letters or less. They also learn how to count to 100 as well as basic addition and subtraction.

These classes are so important, as the Wisdom House is the only institution available to these children for their early education. The guidance, love and community that the WH teachers also provide are vital to the children as they have been orphaned by losing either one or often both of their parents.