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Wisdom House Kindergarten 2021 Graduation

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Written By Mouaz Moustafa

Despite many hardships, The Wisdom House Kindergarten was able to celebrate its fourth official graduation this year. The occasion was particularly exciting for the children, as they received their final report cards for graduation as well as celebrated with Ramadan events on the same day. After being displaced from their home in Maaret Al Numan several times, in January 2020 the Wisdom House Kindergarten was then permanently displaced, and settled in the northern Aleppo countryside.

This resettlement caused them to have a late beginning to the 2020 school year, but the students were still able to celebrate their graduation this year despite all of the turmoil, and danger. The children celebrated the day with crafts, games, and a graduation ceremony!

These children, and their amazing teachers are truly inspiring as they have proven to be brave, resilient, and hopeful through all of the displacement, and loss. The team at SETF is continually grateful for these wonderful updates, and progress from the Wisdom House Kindergarten!