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Teachers Deliver Bags of Hope to Turkish/Syria border


Two Arkansas Teachers take week of Spring Break to make a delivery of hope the Turkish/ Syria border

Amy Walker, a school teacher and volunteer from Arkansas and Wisdom House manager Natalie Larrison from SETF spent the week of Spring Break to deliver a record number of bags filled with aid, Letters of Hope, and supplies, and special gifts from friends of SETF.

SETF takes regular trips to the border of Turkey and Syria where the luggage is passed to our SETF field directors who go in and out of Syria for humanitarian work. The bags are personally delivered to the Wisdom House in the Aleppo countryside and the Women’s Center in Idlib.

We have to thank the countless amazing donors and participants of Letters of Hope who helped to fill these 5 bags with an impressive amount of love, tools for success, and immediate essentials like medicine and formula.

While visiting the border where Syrian refugees make up a large percentage of the population, we always makes sure to visit a particular rehabilitation center for Syrian IDPs who are allowed to temporarily enter Turkey for medical treatment.

The center is led by an amazing man, Dr. Munier, who has helped house and provide comfort to countless Syrians over the years. Amy and Natalie were able to visit the center during this trip and learn about the stories and desperate needs of the patients who live there.

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