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New School Year Begins at The Wisdom House Kindergarten


Written By Mouaz Moustafa

All of the children received new backpacks, school supplies, and goodie bags to welcome them as the school year began. The school was decorated with streamers, balloons, colorful wall paintings, and pictures. The teachers commented, “it was a stressful build up preparing for opening week, but we were all looking forward to it!”

We are happy to welcome the new 2022 – 2023 class for this school year! We are excited to announce that attendance is up from around 90 students to 120 students for this Fall’s enrollment. Alongside familiar and loved faces, we are glad to see many new faces as well!


Help came from many outside volunteers and donors as well. The White Helmets were kind enough to help sanitize and clean the building before the school opened for the Fall, making it fresh and clean for the new students; donors helped to provide supplies and rent for the building; supporters from all over sent Letters of Hope to decorate the walls; and of course, the teachers spent many long hours preparing, cleaning, decorating, and getting enrollment lined up.


The SETF team has received many wonderful updates and photographs since school began a couple of weeks ago. See the “gallery” below for new pictures of students and their celebration of a new year beginning at the Wisdom House.

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