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H.R. 3202, “Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act of 2023”

Anti-Normalization Act
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  • It establishes a policy of the United States to oppose recognition or normalization of relations with the Assad regime and to actively deter such actions by other governments.
  • No Federal official or employee may take any action, nor can Federal funds be made available, to recognize or imply the United States’ recognition of Bashar al-Assad or any government led by him.
  • The Secretary of State is required to submit a report and strategy to counter actions by foreign governments seeking to normalize relations with the Assad regime and how it impacts the national security of the United States. 


  • It amends the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019 to modify provisions related to sanctions against foreign persons engaged in certain activities in Syria.
  • It requires an immediate review for Caesar Act sanctions for any grants of $50,000 or more to Syria.
  • The bill expands the scope of sanctions to include adult family members of foreign persons engaging in prohibited activities, as well as entities owned or controlled by such persons.
  • It includes provisions to impose sanctions on Syria Arab Airlines, Cham Wings, and foreign persons owned or controlled by them.
  • It requires the President to determine whether the nonprofit organization called the “Syria Trust for Development,” chaired by Asma Al-Assad, meets the criteria for imposing sanctions.

United Nations: 

  • The bill requires a report from the Secretary of State on the manipulation of the United Nations by the Bashar al-Assad regime: 
    • Description of conditions set by the Assad regime for United Nations operations in Syria.
    • Identification of United Nations officials or employees with ties to the Assad regime. 
    • Assessment of restrictions imposed by the Assad regime on the United Nations ability to deliver international assistance in areas outside regime control.
    • Description of ways United Nations aid improperly benefits the Assad regime and its associates, in violation of basic humanitarian principles.
    • Identification of entities affiliated with the Assad regime that have received UN funding.
    • Assessment of how the Assad regime sets arbitrary or punitive exchange rates to extract funding from the United Nations.
    • Strategy to reduce the ability of the Assad regime to manipulate or influence the United Nations and aid operations in Syria, ensuring neutral and impartial delivery of United States and international aid consistent with basic humanitarian principles.

H.R.3202 – Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act of 2023