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Friendship Bracelets at the Wisdom House School

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Written By Mouaz Moustafa

Friendship Bracelets given out at the Wisdom House School tie SETF friends together from other parts of the globe!

Natalie Larrison (Director of Outreach) was able to deliver these friendship bracelets for the Wisdom House children on her most recent trip to Turkey in order to take supplies to the border. As you can see, the children loved receiving these special gifts, and were eager to show them off, and pose for pictures.

SETF team members, and other supporters of the Wisdom House School have also recently received new friendship bracelets to represent the connection, and support that they feel for the Syrian people. While wearing the bracelets, one can’t help but smile, and think of the children at the Wisdom House School as these bracelets are a daily reminder that geography does not matter when you want to show compassion, and love to a fellow human being.