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The Syrian Emergency Task Force Remembers the Victims of the Houla Massacre

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Written By Mouaz Moustafa

WASHINGTON, D.C. – May 25th marks the ninth anniversary of the Syrian regime attack in the town of Houla in Syria. On May 25th, 2012 at 1 p.m. the Syrian regime and allied forces attacked peaceful protesters in Harmoush Square utilizing tanks, heavy artillery, and live fire. That evening from 6 to 7 p.m., the Assad regime brought large military divisions alongside shabihah (regime paramilitary militias). They arrived and besieged the neighborhood of Alsad,  and proceeded to enter house by house executing entire families. They systematically murdered the children, women and men, in that order, utilizing knives, machetes and axes to slaughter the families. The Assad forces intentionally left one survivor per family with the aim of instilling terror amongst Syrian civilians.

Six hours after the massacre, multiple cars of shabihah and security forces arrived at another neighborhood in Houla, and murdered the entire el-Sayed family. The only survivor, 11-year old Ali el-Sayed, described the events to Al Jazeera: “My mother yelled at them: ‘Why are you taking them?’ my brother and my uncles. Then the military went in and my mother was afraid because they were pointing their guns at her. They shot five bullets at her, then they shot my brother – one in here [points to the head] and one in the back. Then I was covering myself, he came and took the cover off me and then he shot at me”. El-Sayed survived by pretending to be dead, but he said he clearly remembered the attackers and that he knew they were military because he saw them come out of a tank parked outside. He explains that eleven of the security forces went into his house, some of them wearing army fatigues.

The Houla Massacre left 113 civilians dead -including 56 children and 30 women, as well as 300 injured. Nine years after this terrible massacre, we remember the names of the innocent children, men and women so mercilessly slaughtered by the Assad Regime. SETF continues to stand with the innocent civilians that have been killed and continue to be targeted everyday in Syria.

We remember: 

Ea’tidal Faisal Abdul Razzaq

Adel Aref Al-Sayyed

Muna Mostafa Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Rahman Firas Abdul Razzaq

Adel Uqbah Al-Sayyed

Amna Shafiq Abdul Razzaq

Suleiman Khaled Abdul Razzaq

Yunus Uqbah Al-Sayyed

Fatima Adnan Abdul Razzaq

Suleiman Shaalan Abdul Razzaq

Haider Uqbah Al-Sayyed

Amna Mustafa Abdul Razzaq

Samir Shaalan Abdul Razzaq

Shahed Qutaiba Abdul Razzaq

Ea’tidal Shafiq Abdul Razzaq

Ratib Shaalan Abdul Razzaq

Safaa Ayman Abdul Razzaq

Abeer Yasser Abdul Razzaq

Yasser Adel Abdul Razzaq

Fatima Shaalan Abdul Razzaq

Sawsan Samir Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Khaleq Khalid Abdul Razzaq

Manal Rateb Abdul Razzaq

Rafida Shafiq Abdul Razzaq

Halloum Khaled Abdul Razzaq

Juzail Samir Abdul Razzaq

Kholoud Hussein Al-Kurdi

Hamza Firas Abdul Razzaq

Nada Samir Abdul Razzaq

Halloum Khaled Al-Kurdi

Ammar Adnan Abdul Razzaq

Amira Isaac Abdul Razzaq

Raghda Saeed Bakour

Mohammed Adel Abdul Razzaq

Nour Faisal Abdul Razzaq

Safira Mohammed Ismail

Amir Isaac Abdul Razzaq

Nour Obeida Abdul Razzaq

Fatima Ahmed Abdel Aal

Samir Alaa Abdul Razzaq

Yasmine Adel Abdel Razzaq

Badriya Qaddour Al-Mousa

Abdullah Ayman Abdul Razzaq

Sidra Faisal Abdul Razzaq

Fadia Ashraf Harmoush

Yassin Nidal Abdul Razzaq

Rahaf Muhammad Al-Hussein

Dalal Abbas Abida

Uday Adnan Abdul Razzaq

Sara Muawiya Al-Sayyed

Zainab A’rouk

Khaled Obeida Abdul Razzaq

Rasha Aref Al-Sayyed

Fayrouz Ali Al-Daher

Hazem Obeida Abdul Razzaq

Israa Uqbah Al-Sayyed

Razina Rajab Al-Sayyed

Mohammed Obeida Abdul Razzaq

Zahra Abdul Khaleq Abdul Razzaq

Fadia Abdul Hamid Harmoush

Yasser Nidal Abdul Razzaq

Falak Ayman Hasan Abdul Razzaq

Khaled Abdul Rahman Abdul Razzaq

Ammar Adel Abdul Razzaq

Falak Abdul Khaleq Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Rahman Khalid Abdul Razzaq

Bassam Al-Suwayi

Zainab Mustafa Abdul Razzaq

Abdul Khaleq Abdul Razzaq

Hazem Bassam Al-Suwayi

Rateebah Hasan Abdul Razzaq

Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Abdul Razzaq

Jaber Bassam Al-Suwayi

Bayan Abdul Halim Abdul Razzaq

Firas Ayman Hasan Abdul Razzaq

Hatem Bassam Al-Suwayi

Bayan Muhammad Abdul Razzaq

Samir Hussein Abdul Razzaq

Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Kurdi

Feryal Abdul Rahman Abdul Razzaq

Mustafa Hussein Abdul Razzaq

Omar Mahmoud Al-Kurdi

Ruqaya Khalid Abdul Razzaq

Saeed Faisal Abdul Razzaq

Mahmoud Fadi Al-Kurdi

Salma Abdul Rahman Abdul Razzaq

Muawiya Ahmed Al-Sayyed

Fadi Mahmoud Al-Kurdi

Huda Samir Abdul Razzaq

Ahmed Muawiya Al-Sayyed

Nader Aref Al-Sayyed

Aisha Abdul Khaleq Abdul Razzaq

Mahmoud Al-Kurdi

Aref Mohammed Al-Sayyed

Uqbah Muhammad Al-Sayyed

Shawky Adel Al-Sayyed

Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sayyed

Abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Hay

Hussam Ali Al-Orabi

Talal Bakour

Osama Abul Rahman Al-Faris

Mamoun Barbar Al-Masri

Muhammad Al-Sahib

Muhammad Shafiq Abbarah

Ghiath Abdul Samad Al-Suleiman

Ammar Abdul Jawad Abbarah

Raed Isaac Al-Zakahi

Yaqoub Hussein Abdul Razzaq

Halloum Khaled Ismail

Khawla Aref Al-Sayyed

Ali Adel Al-Sayyed

Ghiath Ayman Hasan Abdul Razzaq

Maya Abdul Razzaq