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Statement on the Tenth Anniversary of the Al-Bayda and Baniyas Massacres by the Syrian Regime

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WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today marks the tenth anniversary of the horrendous massacres perpetrated by the Syrian government and pro-government forces in the towns of Al-Bayda and Baniyas. In a span of just 48 hours, from May 2 to May 3, 2013, over 300 individuals were killed. 

On the morning of May 2, pro-regime militias entered Al-Bayda and began a serious mass killing of civilians, including women and children. Executions occurred in various locations, including inside people’s homes, outside buildings, and at the main square of the village. Then, in a pattern closely resembling events in Al-Bayda, government forces stormed the city of Baniyas, executed residents, and set homes on fire.

“I have video of my father being killed, and my mom recognized the murderers,” said Omar Alshogre, SETF’s Director for Detainee Affairs, who lost his father and two siblings in the attack on Al-Bayda. “It’s now time that the evidence of atrocities at Al-Bayda and Baniyas be used to bring those responsible for this indiscriminate killing to justice.”

The killings, lootings, and burnings in Al-Bayda and Baniyas are only a fraction of the heinous atrocities committed by government forces since the start of the pro-democracy revolution in March 2011

As we reflect on the 10th anniversary of the Al-Bayda and Baniyas massacres, we reiterate our commitment to promoting and protecting human rights for all Syrians. At a time when world leaders are normalizing relations with war criminal Bashar Al-Assad, we must not forget the innocent lives lost at the hand of his regime. We urge the international community to prioritize holding the Assad regime accountable for its violence against Syrian civilians and firmly stand against any form of normalization with this criminal regime.

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