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Statement of Solidarity with the People of Ukraine Facing Russian Aggression

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Syrian Emergency Task Force expresses its solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin’s absurdly insists his invading troops are on a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine, we are reminded of the many times over the past seven years, Russian planes were to bring “peace” to Syria but instead bombed hospitals, homes, towns and cities without shame or mercy. Moreover, Russian forces in Syria have tested over one hundred types of weapons which will no doubt be used in Ukraine.

Having escaped any accountability for the outrageous behavior of its military in Syria and elsewhere, Russia likely has similar plans for Ukraine. We salute the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting for their treasured democratic freedoms against Russian aggression.

The people of Syria continue their battle to secure their right to determine their own future. The despot who has destroyed life in their country is home-grown, Assad, but he has been kept in power by the brutality of the Russian military. The Russian Air Force has been bombing Syrians ceaselessly for years, as well as providing training and support for the Assad regime’s machinery of death, which includes detention and torture of thousands of Syrian civilians.

To the Ukrainian people – we wish you victory in your own battle against Russian aggression from the bottom of our hearts and offer our prayers for your continued strength.

Press Contact:
Kerry Haller
Chief of Staff Syrian Emergency Task Force
[email protected]