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SETF Facilitates Conversations between Three Congressmen and Prominent Syrian Druze leader Sheikh Hikmat Al Hajari

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September 27, 2023 

WASHINGTON D.C.—The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) is thrilled to announce its successful facilitation of high-level discussions between three esteemed members of the United States House of Representatives and Sheikh Hikmat Al Hajari, a prominent leader within the Syrian Druze community. This remarkable bipartisan initiative underscores Washington’s support for the ongoing protests against President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in the Druze-majority city of Suwayda in southern Syria. 

During their recent dialogue with Sheikh Al Hajari, Representatives Joe Wilson, French Hill, and Brendan Boyle reaffirmed the Congress’s steadfast support for the peaceful demonstrators in Suwayda and other cities. The Sheikh shared his concerns with the congressmen regarding potential violence from the Assad regime and Iranian-backed militias against protesters and emphasized his commitment to a peaceful resolution.

“For weeks protesters in Suwayda have continued to peacefully demand the fall of the Assad regime. It is time for the international community to step up and support them. That is why SETF continues to facilitate conversations between international policymakers and local leaders in Suwayda to ensure their demands are heard,” said Mouaz Moustafa, SETF executive director. 

SETF maintains its unwavering commitment to the Syrian people by actively fostering essential dialogues and amplifying the voices of protestors in their tireless pursuit of a free, stable, and democratic Syria.


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