Omar Alshogre


Omar Alshogre is a Syrian public speaker, detention survivor, human rights activist, and student at Georgetown University. Omar was smuggled out of prison at the age of 20 with the help of his mother after spending three years inside one of the Syrian regime’s most notorious torture prisons for participating in pro-democracy demonstrations. He has used his testimony to raise awareness and amplify the voices of the Syrian people around the world.

Omar has testified multiple times before the United Nations Security Council and the United States Congress. He has met with various UN Missions and top government officials, including the White House administration, to advocate for the rights of the Syrian people. As a public speaker, he regularly speaks at numerous prestigious academic institutions. Omar has written articles for and been interviewed by various top media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post. As the Director of Detainee Affairs, Omar leads SETF’s efforts in advocating for the liberation of all political detainees in Syria. As a key witness and survivor, Omar plays a vital role in current and future prosecution efforts to hold the Assad regime accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria.