SETF Emergency Response Update

SETF is on the ground providing humanitarian assistance

  • The death count is of over 50,000 people in NW Syria and Turkey, and expected to be much higher. Thousands of families remain displaced, many still don’t have tents in NW Syria, and basic supplies are needed everywhere.

  • SETF has multiple teams entering Syria to distribute crucial emergency aid, funds, and supplies. That aid includes; 2 full trucks of humanitarian aid into NW Syria, a tents camp for earthquake-affected survivors in NW Syria, cash assistance to over 730  families amounting to over 4,300 people in NW and southern Turkey, distributed to areas impacted the most, such as destroyed cities including Adiyaman, Gaziantep, and Antakya in Turkey and Jindiris and Afrin in Syria. We are working closely to identify the areas that need immediate assistance.

  • We have delivered food baskets for over 550 families which will be able to feed families for over 4-6 days impacting 3,300.

  • SETF has facilitated several international media journalists to report from inside NW Syria, covering the disaster on the ground. We have assisted over 25 journalists safely into NW Syria. These articles have been seen on the front page of NYT, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, and we are currently facilitating a segment that will be featured in 60 Minutes.

  • Lately, SETF has been working on creating a shelter, the Tent Camp in Afrin providing shelter for families in need. Each tent supports a family of 6-8 people and is equipped with a heater installation.

Here's the latest from our team responding to the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria that has killed more than 50,000 people.

The SETF team entering Syria to the effected area. 

The SETF Executive director Mouaz Moustafa surveys the destruction in Jindires.

The SETF team in Istanbul is on their way to Northwest Syria with two full trucks of aid

Media facilitated by SETF

Thanks to your immediate support, within moments of the disaster strike, we were able to connect with our networks on the ground to assess the situation and determine where the need is greatest.
Every penny goes directly to those on the ground. We need your help.