SETF pursues legal efforts in the United States and abroad to bring perpetrators of war crimes in Syria to justice. The team works closely with renowned experts and lawyers specializing in human rights and international humanitarian law to pursue justice, accountability, and war crimes documentation.


The SETF team is currently pursuing multiple prosecution efforts in the United States and Europe to bring cases against those guilty of war crimes in Syria. The team was instrumental in supporting the landmark Koblenz Trial. SETF also supports key witnesses to prosecutions with the Key Witness Fund to ensure their safety and security.

Legal Work

SETF continues to pursue avenues for accountability for the atrocities committed in Syria to ensure that the victims receive the justice they deserve. To this end, SETF has pursued two potential criminal cases and three civil cases in the United States. The organization has also assisted prosecution efforts in Germany, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and other countries which have the ability to exercise universal jurisdiction. The provision of evidence and advocacy efforts by SETF were instrumental in the landmark Koblenz trial in Germany which led to the conviction of two former Syrian intelligence officers.

War Crimes Documentation

The Caesar File

The photos, known as the Caesar File, depict groups of people, individuals, men, women, children and elderly that were brutally tortured and killed by the Assad Regime. As custodians of the Caesar file, SETF works to expose the regime’s flagrant human rights violations by continuing to identify victims, witnesses, and evidence that support cases against the regime in countries where prosecution efforts are currently being pursued and whose legal system allows it.

The Syria Watch App

The Syria Watch App documents attacks on civilians as they happen. It notifies users of the attacks, their type and intensity, and the number of injuries and deaths. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and is a crucial reminder to policymakers, journalists, legal experts and the world that the war on civilians in Syria at the hands of the Assad Regime and its allies is ongoing.

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