Ramadan 2023

1 Meal Basket in Syria or Southern Turkey (feeds a family of 6 for month) - $50 1 Month Cash Assistance to women - $50 Eid Outfit for 1 Child - $30

This Ramadan, SETF has identified specific needs on the ground where we operate our very own humanitarian programs including a school for orphans in the Aleppo countryside in Syria, the Wisdom House, a Women’s vocational school and High School for girls in Idlib Province, Tomorrow’s Dawn, and a shelter for Syrian IDPs with critical medical conditions in Gaziantep, Turkey, the House of Healing, and to displaced families in besieged Rukban camp in southern Syria.

Our program directors on the ground identified immediate goals for this campaign which includes:

Eid outfit per child- $30

- All 120 Wisdom House Kindergarteners
- All children at House of Healing

Cash assistance to

- All 80 young ladies attending high school at Tomorrow's Dawn
- Earthquake survivors/ victims who are displaced

Meal Basket $50 per family

- At least 55 displaced families in Aleppo the countryside
- All 52 patients currently being hosted at House of Healing
- Earthquake survivors/ victims in the region of Gaziantep

All needs have been verified by our staff on the ground and all individuals qualify for Zakat. 

If you want to strictly donate your Zakat al Fitr, or only cash assistance for Zakat, that will reach people in need before the end of this holy month you can do as as well, right here:

The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) is a 501(c)(3). The “Ramadan 2023 in Syria ” campaign accepts Zakat and Sadaqa which will be distributed as cash, food and clothes to Syrians specifically displaced orphans, widows, young students, and families in Northwest Syria and Southern Turkey. These families now more than ever need your Zakat because they just lived through a very catastrophic earthquake that killed up to 47,000 people and left many more thousands with nothing.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to SETF ❤️