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The Syrian Emergency Task Force Delivers Food Baskets for Families in Greatest Need in Rukban IDP Camp

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MARCH 25, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) is proud to announce its latest delivery of humanitarian aid to the Rukban internally displaced persons (IDP) camp as part of  “Operation Syrian Oasis,” following multiple deliveries starting in June 2023. The assistance recently delivered includes food baskets for families of the greatest need in the camp. 

On March 24th, SETF delivered and distributed to camp residents nine pallets containing food baskets, including rice, green and red lentils, sugar, chickpeas and tomato paste.

On June 20, 2023, after years of effort, SETF launched ‘Operation Syrian Oasis,’ aimed at delivering aid to the besieged Rukban IDP Camp in southern Syria. Over the past six months, the assistance delivered  has included educational materials, food items, agricultural support, as well as maternal and infant health care provisions. 

Rukban IDP Camp resident —— said, “It means that there is a humanitarian window that is able to provide me with something that I need and we ask for the best in light of the abhorrent siege of eating flesh and breaking bones…..and the feeling of hope is an impression that strengthens the feeling that there is a Syrian emergency organization that came forward despite the siege.  Of course, what you provided does not mean all the needs, but the presented part lifts something from the burden of the person who lives in the Rukban desert camp.”

The 8,000 civilians living in Rukban, mostly women and children, face critical living conditions resulting from an agonizing, long-lasting siege by the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran. Operation Syrian Oasis is key to ensure there is no forced return of civilians to Assad regime areas and gives hope to thousands of civilians that have had no access to education, medical care, or humanitarian aid for many years.

About the Syrian Emergency Task Force

The Syrian Emergency Task Force is a Syrian-American 501(c)(3) headquartered in Washington, D.C. SETF works tirelessly to bring an end to the killing in Syria through humanitarian initiatives, advocacy and the pursuit of justice and accountability for war crimes. Today, SETF stands as the most notable American organization working on Syria, as evidenced by the impact it has made both on the ground in Syria and the U.S. SETF serves as a resource for education by bringing the voices of the Syrian people to the international stage. From testimonies at the UN Security Council to local grassroots community fundraisers, the team brings together like-minded people who are determined to fight for a safe, and free Syria away from the vicious dictatorship.

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